Who We Are:

Children’s Dental Foundation, Inc. (CDF) is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization comprised of a network of pediatric dental professionals, specialists, educators, dental clinics and health centers, devoted to eliminating pediatric dental disease through education, raising awareness of this preventable disease, and providing oral health care services. Through a tremendous amount of resources provided by corporate and private financial donations, CDF can change the lives of millions of children throughout the United States and abroad.

What is Dental Disease?

This epidemic, and number one chronic childhood illness, is a serious public dental crisis in our country affecting millions of children. It causes pain so severe that many children have problems eating, sleeping, and learning. The Surgeon General of the United States has declared pediatric dental disease a “silent epidemic” and it is more common in underprivileged children. Pediatric dental disease increases health care insurance premiums and medical costs for everyone, hinders current and future workforce productivity, and ultimately impacts our economy. Although completely preventable, the situation is getting worse. ACTION MUST BE TAKEN NOW.

CDF provides access to a variety of services, including preventive dentistry using sealants, restorative dentistry, and comprehensive rehabilitation under general anesthesia, for children with severe forms of Early Childhood Caries. In addition, the foundation hopes to instill in each of its patients good dental habits and to assist them in achieving better dental health.

For Dental Professionals:

Being a part of CDF is a wonderful opportunity for your practice. Providing care for under deserved children is the perfect way to build a prevailing institution for good dental and overall health care. CDF will help supply your office with the essential financial and technical maintenance to help these economically disadvantaged children.

There are several way to contribulte to CDF, Inc., including several options to make a tax-deductible gift. Click Here to make a tax deductible contribution

The Difference You Make:

Every donation made to CDF goes directly to programs that transform disadvantaged children’s pain and suffering to healthy, happy futures through the generous underwriters that support the foundation.

Giving You A Reason To Smile:

The greatest benefit of making a contribution to CDF is the pride and satisfaction in knowing you have changed children’s lives. In addition, your valuable contribution will be recognized through press releases, publications and on the CDF website. As a CDF Home provider, you will receive a certificate to proudly display in your office and an annual acknowledgment of the value of your donated services. Sign up today and submit your request for coverage and treatment for qualified children for services rendered to CDF for each child that receives treatment from your office. Please help us in giving every child a reason to smile.

Your Donations Help Children!

All of the donations to Children’s Dental Foundation, Inc. go to programs that change children’s lives. Tooth decay can cause pain so severe that children can’t sleep, eat, or concentrate. Can you imagine feeling hungry and not being able to eat because of the pain in your mouth? Can you imagine being up all night with a child who has a toothache so painful she can’t sleep? What if you were a teenager, ashamed and self-conscious of your unattractive mouth and your peers mock you? Your donation to the Children’s Dental Foundation, Inc. can change all that.

Our Mission

CDF’s mission to ensure access to specialist-quality dental services for all children, and especially those whose parents cannot afford it.

Kids deserve the best

Nothing matters more than our children. At Kaufman Children’s Dental Hospital, we believe that kids deserve the best. Our belief drives everything we do. It defines our vision for the future, and our mission for today.