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Why Choose a Children’s Dentist?

Picking the best dentist for your child isn’t an easy task for parents. Some want to know why they should choose a dentist specifically for kids.  Here are a few reasons why deciding on a [...]

Children’s Dental Treatment at CDH

When you take your child to their appointment at CDH, you'll see that comfort, health, and education are top priorities. The pediatric dental care specialists at KCDH commit themselves to providing kids with high quality [...]

Dental X-Rays for Children

X-rays are used to help diagnose dental issues, and X-rays can be used by your child’s dentist as a part of your child’s oral examination. Your child is exposed to a very small level of [...]

Handling Dental Emergencies for Your Child

Wounded or Bitten Tongue, Lip, or Cheek Place some ice on the injury. Put pressure on the wound if it is bleeding using a clean gauze or cloth. If it continues to bleed after fifteen [...]

Why Find a Pediatric Dentist?

Choosing the best dentist for your child isn’t always easy for a parent. So, why choose a dentist specifically for kids? Here are several reasons why finding a pediatric dentist for your child is certainly [...]

Pediatric Dental Care at KCDH

When you bring your child to KCDH, you'll find that comfort, health, and knowledge are our main goals. The expert children’s dentists at KCDH are dedicated to providing children with top quality pediatric dental treatment [...]

Learn How To Prevent Childhood Cavities

A person’s mouth is naturally protected by saliva which has minerals that help prevent cavities, the continuous flow of saliva also helps to keep teeth clean. This is also true for children. When your child [...]

Sele-Dent PPO Coverage

Sele-Dent is a recognized national dental PPO, and Third Party Administrator. With years of experience, Sele Dent can offer top-quality dental products, and discount programs including dental and prescription discount cards. Plans are offered for [...]

Getting Ready for Your Child’s Cavity Filling

Dental appointments are often scary for many kids, particularly when they need to go for a cavity filling. Here are some tips from pediatric dental professionals on getting your child through the procedure: Answer questions [...]

Coverage with Healthfirst

Healthfirst is a provider-sponsored health insurance company serving over 1.2 million patients in downstate New York. Healthfirst provides high-quality Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, Child Health Plus, and Managed Long Term Care plans. Healthfirst mas many no-cost [...]

Coverage with PBA

PBA is a Third Party Administrator that goes beyond plan design and claims administration to manage costs and contribute to the health and wellbeing of covered members. PBA provides products, services and capabilities designed to [...]

Your Child’s First Dental Visit – What to Expect

New parents often wonder when to schedule their child’s first dental appointment It is recommended that your child has their first dental visit by their first birthday. Many parents are surprised that such early dental [...]

How to pick a pediatric dentist for your child

Whether your child has only a few newly-sprouted teeth or already has a mouthful of permanent adult teeth, routine dental care with a dentist your child is comfortable with is crucial. This helps ensure that [...]

EmblemHealth PPO Coverage

EmblemHealth provides three dental plans to employer groups throughout New York State and to their employees who live in or out of the state. These are PPO (preferred provider organizations) plans and are underwritten by [...]

Coverage with Fidelis

Fidelis Care is a Statewide health plan with over 1,000 participating doctors and hospitals in their network. Coverage includes the benefits and services that are most essential, like: checkups, preventive care, x-rays, and more. Fidelis [...]

Invisalign® vs. Traditional vs. Ceramic Braces

How Do Clear Braces Work? Clear braces are made with translucent ceramic. The backbone of these braces is called the “arch wire” which runs along the teeth in a jaw. The arch wire is a [...]