Kaufman Children’s Dental Home – Brooklyn, NY

Our facility is a fully accredited to provide a beautiful smile. We have a group of assembled board certified specialists who serve, as the staff of the Children’s Dental Home is well trained and experienced in providing every dental need your children could have. Our specialists take pride in treating the unique needs of kids in Brooklyn. Join us and learn how we can help give your baby the best oral care even before the baby teeth start to show.

Crooked smiles in your child can cause more serious health issues later on in their lives that is why we also provide only the most modern advancements in orthodontics, including Invisalign Teeth, Retainers, and both traditional braces and clear braces.

We are aware that some kids may feel anxious about a dentist visit but that is not a problem. Our office offers kids’s sedation for those patients that may need a little help with relaxing beforehand. Our office offers tv, games, and a friendly staff that just like our main location that makes your dental care visit a fun but learning experience. We accept Medicare/Medicaid and PPO insurance. Call us today and set up an appointment!

Kaufman Children’s Dental Home

549 Myrtle Avenue,

Brooklyn, NY 11205

Kids DDS: 718.645.1588

Braces DDS: 718.645.8088

Fax: 718.676.7009

E-mail: info@kcdh.org


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