Kaufman Children’s Dental Hospital has been taking care of kids dental health for years. Their staff of well-trained dental professionals are here to ensure that your child has a comfortable experience with beautiful results. So you don’t have to stress about getting great pediatric dental care for your child any longer. Call today for an appointment for your child at KCDH, or check out some examples of how KCDH can help make a difference in your child’s teeth and gum health.

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Kids Dentist Crown Heights, Pediatric Dentist in Crown Heights, Kids Dentist Crown Heights, Dentist for Kids in Crown HeightsLooking for a great pediatric dentist in Brooklyn, NY? Elan Kaufman DDS is a skilled dentist for children in Brooklyn, and has given kids personalized dental treatment for years. Dr. Kaufman and his staff have helped kids all around Brooklyn achieve healthy gums and pearly white smiles.

At Kaufman Children’s Dental Hospital, the dentists are happy to take the time to help kids keep their teeth in excellent condition. If your child needs a pediatric dentist who you can trust with their dental care, don’t just go with any dentist you find. You should look for a well-trained pediatric dentist who you and your child are comfortable with is a huge factor of having an good experience and excellent results. So no matter what kind of care is needed regarding his or her teeth, don’t wait to contact KCDH, so you can provide your child with a gorgeous set of teeth. KCDH works with insurance plans from Medicaid and PPO insurances.

Table of Contents
Dental Sealants
Periodic Examination
Kids Dentist – Crowns/Caps
Space Maintainers
Teeth Cleaning & Fluoride Treatment

Dental Sealants

Pits and grooves are normal areas of the chewing surface of teeth which can trap plaque and bacteria that is not cleaned off easily by brushing or rinsing. Sealants are composed of a tough plastic-like material (resin) that sticks to the tooth surface. The sealant is painted onto the pits and grooves to seal out the bacteria and plaque to help avoid cavities. Studies have shown a 50% reduction in the development of new cavities when sealants are used in combination with good oral hygiene.


X-rays are a big part of getting a dental examination. They let dentists see parts of the teeth that can’t be seen by the naked eye. They also allow dentists to check on the development of permanent teeth before they even come in, and, in some cases; x-rays can find cysts and tumors in their early stages. At each exam, one of the dental experts will determine which x-rays, if any, will be used.

Periodic Examination

Since the development of cavities can progress rapidly, it is essential for your child’s dentist to perform regular oral check ups. In many cases, cavities can be caught early on, making the repair much easier. The dentists at KCDH will provide a thorough oral review and comprehensive evaluation of your child’s eating and brushing habits.

Pediatric Dentist extractions

Extractions are the last resort for treating a decayed or damaged tooth. Extractions are reserved only for teeth that have been determined to be non-restorable. At the time of the extraction the dentist will evaluate if a space maintainer will be needed for your child.


Once bacteria as been established in the mouth, they will make acidic by-products that form holes (cavities) in the teeth. The weakened tooth structure and bacterial infection needs to be removed to stop the process from developing further. After the infected tooth structure is removed, the dentists at KCDH use only ADA (American Dental Association) approved materials.

Kids Dentist – Crowns/Caps

Also called a “cap”, the crown covers the tooth to provide additional support for severely decayed teeth. After the decay is removed, the tooth is shaped so the crown can be placed. These crowns are different from adult crowns because they can be done in one appointment. Crowns are quite durable because they cover the whole tooth. The full coverage strengthens and protects the rest of the tooth structure.


This procedure is recommended when the cavity has extended to the nerve of the baby tooth. After the nerve of the tooth is reached, a dentist will remove the infected tissue and place a medicine that will help the remaining nerve tissue heal. These procedures take very little time to complete since they are simpler than the adult version.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are devices made of acrylic and metal that are designed for keeping space for permanent teeth to come in after premature loss of a “baby” tooth. By placing a space maintainer after premature loss of a baby tooth will give your child a better chance of preventing the orthodontic problems caused by premature tooth loss.

Teeth Cleaning and Fluoride Treatment

Once at the dental office, your child will undergo a thorough cleaning of his or her teeth (also called a dental prophylaxis). The dentists at KCDH use special instruments and toothbrushes to get teeth super clean and shiny to help them keep a healthy and beautiful smile.

Kaufman Children’s Dental Hospital offers many dental treatments to help fix any problems in your child’s teeth or oral health. Elan Kaufman DDS and his staff have dedicated years to perfecting these modern dentistry methods, and will be sure to provide the best dental treatment possible.

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This is a neighborhood in the central area of Brooklyn, NY The main street that runs through this neighborhood is Eastern Parkway, a tree-lined boulevard that extends 2 miles. One of the biggest street fairs in New York City, the annual Labor Day Carnival that is located on Eastern Parkway has been a popular neighborhood event. There are many things to do near the neighborhood, such as the Brooklyn Museum, which is New York City’s third largest in physical size and is home to an art collection with nearly 1.5 million works. The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is a museum just for kids in the neighborhood. It is the first museum in the United States that is specifically for children.The neighborhood is also nearby the Jewish Children’s Museum, which is largest Jewish-themed children’s museum in the country. It’s goal is for kids of all faiths and backgrounds to get a positive outlook and awareness of the Jewish heritage, developing tolerance and understanding (Wikipedia).

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