When you take your child to their appointment at CDH, you’ll see that comfort, health, and education are top priorities. The pediatric dental care specialists at KCDH commit themselves to providing kids with high quality pediatric dental care in a bright, comfortable, and welcoming environment. The dentists have years of experience in helping kids achieve healthy smiles with a number of treatments. The friendly and attentive staff are aware that children are often scared to see the dentist or orthodontist, so they are happy to make sure their experience is positive.

This objective of helping the kids and parents who visit KCDH includes providing information that gives you the power to make decisions that will help your child throughout their adult life. We hope this information will help you learn more about KCDH and give skilled dentists the opportunity to help your child with their dental care. Make sure to contact the front desk with any questions you may have.

Full Service Pediatric Dentist

Kids that come to CDH should have a great experience and results at their dental visits.This is why we provide a number of dental services for children:

Invisalign® for teens

Braces for adolescents & teens

Children’s dental examinations & cleanings

Dental Sealants & Fillings for kid


Dental Crowns for kids


And more…

Since the dentists at KCDH are dedicated to giving kids the best dental treatment, including children with special needs, following the guidelines and regulations set in place by governing agencies like the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association.

At KCDH, we are aware that parents typically have many questions and concerns and we can provide you with the answers you need to teach your child learn good dental habits. Parents are their children’s best teachers and they are kid’s best supporters in maintaining excellent oral health. So answering your questions, and talking with parents and children can only help the condition of your child’s smile and general oral health. Learn more about how we can improve your child’s oral health at our dental practice near Crown Heights.

Learn more about KCDH to find out how we can support your child’s oral health.